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Alpha Variflo XHD 200 Flail mower
£2800.00 (inc. VAT)
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We are delighted to introduce our flagship flail mower – The Alpha Variflo XHD200. 

Please get in touch with any questions or queries regarding the mower on 01357 300559. We will always do our best to help and guide you. 
Delivery of this mower needs to be pre arranged due to the size and weight. We offer a free UK mainland delivery service to most parts of the UK but not all, please call before purchasing to ensure your area is covered. 


Supplied with pto shaft and XHD oversize forged hammer flails for ultimate strength. 

We have been designing and testing for almost 2 years and finally its available for sale. 
If you want a mower that does it all and looks stunning then this is it! Built using high quality components and fitted with an oversize roller and massive diameter rotor with helical blade setup we know you won’t find a better flail. 
Our aim was to design an extreme duty flail that can be used for virtually anything and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Heavy duty gearbox, quad belt drive system, oversize roller and rotor, helical blade arrangement, hydraulic side shift/ offset, hydraulic rear flow diverter/door, oversize rotor bearings, xhd forged hammer flails and all encased within an eye catching, heavy duty, ergonomically designed, low friction body. 

Please note the price displayed is plus VAT. We are having website issues at the moment and we cannot display the inclusive price. Please call to order

This flail is designed to be used at 540rpm on a wide range of tractors from 35hp to 80hp although can be used with higher or lower hp. For lower hp we recommend our Heavy duty MAXI HD range of mowers which are suited from 20hp to 70hp tractors. 

Features in detail 

Heavy duty gearbox 
High quality gearbox which is backed up with a 3 year warranty! 

Forged hammer flails 
Forged flails are far stronger than cast flails and therefore can cut more extreme vegetation, hold a sharp edge better and need replaced less frequently- saving you money! 

Oversize rotor (helical arrangement) 
Helical blade arrangement provides massive advantages over standard blade arrangements and the oversize rotor enhances these benefits. 
helical cutting rotors which have the flails fixed in a spiral pattern rather than straight lines (photo of helical rotor in photos), this system, although not new, is normally only used where every bit of power matters. The system works by only having 2 flails at the maximum contact point at any one time so there is far more horse power per full contact flail. Traditional flail rotors have flails arranged in 4 straight rows so there are four high impacts per rotor rotation (4 x impacts of flails). On our helical rotor setup there are 14 impacts per rotation and because of this the performance difference is staggering! With the helical rotor vibration is vastly reduced and cutting performance vastly improved. It allows for lower hp tractors to be used, or higher performance and reduced fuel consumption with a traditional sized tractor. The system can be compared to a paddle steamer vs a modern day propeller. 

Variflo rear door 
Grass, brambles, gorse, saplings- variflo will cut and mulch the clippings from coarse to ultra fine. 
With the rear door fully closed the mower will mulch clippings into a fine pulp which will quickly decompose, with the rear door fully open the clippings will be cut and thrown away before the mulching process, the door can be set at any point between fully open and fully closed to give to the results you want. Its also a great feature for maintenance as it allows for easy access to the flails, rotor and other internal parts without the need of turning the mower upside down. 

Hydraulic offset/ 200cm cutting width 
Hydraulic offset allows for varying offset depending on the tractor being used which allows for just 1 tractor wheel running on uncut vegetation, thus less uncut/ trampled vegetation. For tractors that don’t have hydraulic spool valves the position can be set manually. 

Eye catching design 
Using the latest cad software we were able to design the mower to be both operationally and visually perfect. The 3 point linkage frame incorporates pipe chases and holding points for hoses whilst still maintaining a universal fitment system for virtually any tractor. The main body has been designed to minimise friction which reduces fuel consumption. 

Please get in touch with any queries regarding this mower or our range of mowers.