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£3,200.00 £3,840.00 Inc VAT

This is the Alpha Easiflo Velocity 150 ATV flail mower which is equipped with the exceptionally reliable Loncin 25hp vtwin engine and features our patented drive, tensioning and rotor design. If your looking for a flail that copes with rushes and other heavy wet vegetation with ease then this is the model for you.



Alpha Easiflo velocity 150cm ATV flail mower with 25hp V-Twin engine

This is the “big brother on steroids” version of our immensely popular Alpha easiflo 120 flail mower. The new 150cm version has a cutting width of 150cm and has been fitted with a 25hp Vtwin engine and a massive 24 litre interchangeable fuel tank. The extra horse power turns the exceptionally efficient design of the 120 version into an absolute animal!
All other features have been kept exactly the same as we truly believe that we have the design absolutely perfect.

Please get in touch for any information not listed below.


The team behind Alpha have been involved in the agricultural, horticultural and engineering industries all of their lives and bring all their skills together to develop their range of mowing equipment in Central Scotland, the conditions and terrain here are varied and unforgiving, which provides ideal situations for testing equipment to the absolute limit and boy do we do that!

Our latest release is the Easiflo VELOCITY CM Cooldrive plus and follows on from the exceptional 120 easiflo CM Cooldrive series. The latest model has several design improvements over the past series which are detailed below. We now feel that we have reached a point with this model that we simply cannot get any better. We know through customer feedback and our own testing that due to the innovative design, our flail can out perform some of the market leaders which retail upwards of £4000

There are plenty of new cheap and gimmicky features starting to appear on some other mowers but the fact is that our body design combined with our tool free wheel adjustment, patented drive system and helical rotor arrangement makes our flail possibly the most efficient and best value on the market. We have total faith in the quality and design of our flail and we back this faith up by offering a 2 year warranty on all mechanical systems and parts. We have virtually no breakdowns or failures!

Evolution of the design

At Alpha we don’t stand still and any opportunity we have, we get out and see our mowers in action and improve our designs where possible. Way back at the start with the easiflo MK1 we quickly realised that heat was the primary cause for belt failure throughout the atv flail mower industry as the majority of flail manufacturers opted for a centrifugal clutch incorporated into the belt pulley, this is fine for light/ low use applications, but in the real world it causes major problems with belt and bearing failure being a regular occurrence. At this point we decided to redesign the drive system and came up with CM Cooldrive. The CM cool drive system allows the engine to be centrally mounted whilst keeping all potential sources of heat and friction away from the belts. The system works by pivoting the entire drive train to provide belt tension- thus eliminating the need for belt tensioners rubbing the belts and causing unneeded friction,wear and heat. The system has many other benefits such as centrally balancing the mower and reducing overall width. So unique and effective was the system that patents were applied in 2016 and the design was licenced exclusively for use on Alpha flails. At the same time, many other design improvements were made such as the completely tool free wheel position and height adjustment system. Again this system is unique to us and therefore is a protected design.


“the easy option is whack a bigger engine on it and do it that way, but that uses a whole lot more fuel, puts extra strain on all the working parts and ultimately shortens the lifespan of the machine” As we strive to produce the most efficient design of flail on the market, simply fitting a bigger engine on the mower was not an option. Instead we have produced helical cutting rotors which have the flails fixed in a spiral pattern rather than straight lines (photo of helical rotor in production in photos), this system, although not new, is normally only used on extreme duty equipment where every bit of power matters. The system works by only having 2 flails at the maximum contact point at any one time so there is far more horse power per full contact flail. Traditional 28 flail rotors have four rows of 7 flails in straight rows so there are four high impacts per rotor rotation (4 x impacts of 7 flails). On our helical rotor setup there are 14 impacts of 2 flails. The differences are staggering! With the helical rotor vibration is vastly reduced and cutting performance vastly improved. The system can be compared to a paddle steamer vs a modern day propeller. Other changes include the introduction of a spider coupling into the drive system for shock absorption and misalignment protection and an upgraded extra heavy duty cool running clutch system.

We don’t add features just to look or sound good, the features we add are there to improve ease of use, performance, reliability and efficiency and ultimately save you money in both maintenance, downtime and reduction in fuel.

Designed, assembled and tested here in the UK!

Please call us on 01357 300559for more information.

Have a look at the latest video submitted by a very happy customer. follow the link

If you want a superior quality flail mower that doesn’t costthe earth then this is it! Nobody likes breakdowns and maintenance costs andevery aspect of the Alpha Multi cut CM flail has been designed to minimisethis. We firmly believe that if you spend a little more now then you will savea fortune over the lifetime of the machine!

In short, many of the features on this flail are only seen on mowers above the £4000 range and the patented drive system is currently only Licenced to Alpha, therefore we firmly believe that you will not find a better, more reliable flail on the market!

Introducing the brand new for 2016 Alpha Multi cut CM flail mowerwith easiflo deck and the all new Cool drivetm transmission andtensioning system. We have been working on the design for almost 3 years butdue to the patent process we have not been able to disclose the revolutionarydesign until now!

The cool drive system eliminates all of the main issues inherentwith atv flail mowers by having a special cool running clutch and enginelocated centrally on the mower deck, in our tests we found that the drive beltsrun at just 30% of other flail mower drive systems, lower temperature = muchmuch longer belt life!

Another massive advantage to the Cool drivetm systemis that the tilt tension system eliminates the need for any kind of contacttype belt tensioner, meaning that the belts only make contact with the drivepulleys, traditional tensioners create drag, heat and wear belts prematurely.With our system you get none of this!

Tool free adjustments

The Alpha multicut features completely tool free height andwheel position settings and features an innovative splineslide system whichallows infinite height adjustments completely tool free. Wheel position can beadjusted at the pull of a pin which allows you to change from side mountedwheels to rear mounted wheels in seconds, allowing you to cut tight along fencelines, walls and round obstacles.

The mower comes fully build and tested on a pallet and ready to go straight to work. All you need to do is slot the wheels into place and away you go!
If you have dealt with us in the past then you will know that we ensure our new machinery is perfect before leaving us and thanks to our partners across the country, if something does go wrong then we will be there for you no matter where in the country you are!

The mower can be towed by any vehicle fitted with a 50mm (uk standard) tow ball.

Easiflo deck technology
Easiflo decks do exactly as the name suggests, unlike folded decks, the curved shape of the deck reduces resistance and aids the flow of clippings through the deck, this not only speeds up the cutting process but saves on fuel too!

Tribelt drive
There is nothing new about triple belt drives but most flail mowers are only ever fitted with double belt drives, the alpha easiflo Cool drive on the other hand is fitted with a 3 belt drive and a full pivoting tilt bed which provides unrivaled belt tension and minimal belt wear.

Engine size?
Most flail mowers advertised have an engine size of 9,11 or 13hp. The reason for this is that the transmission system on most mowers cannot cope with any more power and usually results in belt burnout. The alpha easiflo flail handles 15hp and 25hp with ease and thanks to this the rate of cutting and the quality finish is far higher.

Tyre style
Our flails are fitted with floatation tyres, this as the name suggests reduces ground pressure and means you can cut boggy areas that standard tyres just sink in. It also reduces soil compaction which, thanks to our climate, is becoming a bigger and bigger problem .

Flail type
We fit our flail mowers as standard with back to back “Y” flails, these are great all rounders but we can also supply hammer or “L” flails for more specialised applications.

Wheel system
Our body supported quick wheel change system allows the wheels to be adjusted in height from 30mm to 150mm and into 3 different positions (as per photos), allowing for close to fence cutting. It also is extremely handy for security purposes as a wheel can be removed in seconds to prevent theft!

General spec
25HP Vtwin petrol engine (150cm)
3 belt centrifugal drive with patented drive system
120cm cutting width
weight 200kg 15hp / 240 23hp
Size with wheels to side 210cm x 80cm x 80cm
Size with wheels off 190cm x 80cm x 80cm
Size with wheels to rear 190cm x 115cm x 80cm
Electric and manual start
50mm tow hitch fitted
Features below introduced for 2017
Helical rotor blade setup for ultimate efficiency and performance
Upgraded high performance clutch system
Spider drive coupling for missalignment and shock dampening
Lifting points for easy lifting/shifting
Features below introduced for 2019
Unique “velocity” upgraded drive system for more efficient power transfer and reduced vibration
Modified rotor design for optimal cutting performance
Upgraded rotor bearing and seal system for additional protection



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