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Alpha Variflo XHD+260 MAX flail mower

£4,700.00 £5,640.00 Inc VAT

The Alpha Variflo+ Max series of flail mowers are designed for the modern tractor with higher gearbox position for perfect alignment with tractors pto output shaft. Available in 2.4m, 2.6m and 2.9m cutting widths.

This listing is for the 2.6m version which has a 2.6m cut width with an overall width of 2.8m and a weight of 1100kg.

Due to the size and weight of this flail it is delivered on a special pallet designed for forklift offload. If you do not have means to offload then please contact us before ordering and we will do our best to find a solution.




New for 2022 our most successful mower design has been upgraded for the 2022 season!  Larger internal capacity, uprated gearbox and higher rotor speeds. The largest capacity, heaviest duty flail we have ever produced now has an internal double skin across the main wear area to further enhance cutting flow performance and machine longevity.

This flail will cope with virtually anything you throw at it, grass, rush, heather, bracken, gorse, saplings…it will cut and mulch the lot!

As always we have listened to customer feedback and as a result the XHD+ MAX range was born. We have been designing and testing for almost 2 years and finally its available for sale. The main differences between the XHD+ and MAX range is the internal capacity, gearbox height and rating. With ever growing tractor sizes, the need for this model in the range has never been higher. In working position the gearbox sits perfectly inline with the tractors pto output shaft, this places far less load on pto shafts and transfers more power from the tractor to gearbox. The gearbox has also been upgraded to a 190hp high shock tolerance rated box. Other small refinements have been made, these include a slight position adjustment of the rear roller to allow the majority of clippings to flow over the back of the roller rather than being rolled, this helps prevent capping of the ground, speeds up dehydration/decomposition of clippings and aides regrowth. The additional capacity of the body also aides the mulching of extra-long and heavy vegetation as it is held within the deck for longer before being ejected. The rotational speed of the rotor has also been increased to allow for faster cutting and mulching.
If you want a mower that does it all and looks stunning then this is it! Built using high quality components and fitted with an oversize roller and massive diameter rotor with helical blade setup we know you won’t find a better flail.
Heavy duty gearbox, quad belt drive system, oversize roller and rotor, hydraulic side shift/ offset, hydraulic rear flow diverter/door, oversize rotor bearings, xhd forged hammer flails and all encased within an eye catching, heavy duty, ergonomically designed, low friction body.


Main body
The main body of the max range is constructed from 10mm high strength steel with 20mm reinforced high load points and follows in the footsteps of our proven body design and features 40cm dual direction hydraulic offset, one way debris guards, internal shredding bars and our immensely popular hydraulically controlled Variflotm rear door system.

Variflo Rear door
Grass, brambles, gorse, saplings- variflo will cut and mulch the clippings from coarse to ultra fine.
With the rear door fully closed the mower will mulch clippings into a fine pulp which will quickly decompose, with the rear door fully open the clippings will be cut and thrown away before the mulching process, the door can be set at any point between fully open and fully closed to give to the results you want. Its also a great feature for maintenance as it allows for easy access to the flails, rotor and other internal parts without the need of turning the mower upside down.

Not surprisingly the rotor is the single most important component of any flail, it is essential that rotors are perfectly balanced to prevent vibration. Our rotors are manufactured from 12mm high strength steel and engineered to minute tolerances and are dynamically balanced using the latest digital balancing systems to ensure silky smooth balance at full operational rpm. 
Our unique rotor helical pattern means that a maximum of only three flails are in full contact with the cutting surface at any time, this enhances the cutting ability to a level far greater than any standard rotor set up. 
The combination of helical blade pattern and high rotor speed make our XHD MAX range particularly good at cutting grass that has been trampled or tracked in. Most mowers on the market struggle to do this.
The gearbox we now use is a high shock load tolerance 190hp rated box, rest assured no matter what you are cutting, our gearboxes will cope! 
Forged hammer flails are the best, so that’s exactly what we use! Our hammer flails are extreme duty forged, extra wide “whale tail” hammer flails with a reinforced neck to reduce shearing and are fixed in place using an M16 bolt. We purposely use an M16 bolt to ensure there is a “weak link” in the system, allowing the flail to shear at the bolt to prevent damage to any other component. 
Roller skid combo
We have engineered the roller and skids as a one piece unit rather than the conventional separate skid system, this allows for exceptionally quick and easy roller/skid height adjustments with the removal and repositioning of just 2 bolts. 
Belt drive 
Our drive system features an external spring loaded tensioner and the latest vented pulley system to ensure the drive belts are kept as cool as possible during use, heat is the main cause of belt failure, with our system we have taken every possible precaution to ensure maximum belt life is achieved.

As with any high speed system, lubrication is of upmost importance, we have piped all bearings to easily accessible locations so that greasing all bearings takes a matter of seconds and no guards need to be removed for access.

For any more information not listed please get in touch.

Due to the size and weight of these mowers you will need to have something to offload it when it arrives. You must contact us to arrange before ordering as the delivery company will charge a re delivery charge if you are unable to offload.

Please note the price displayed is plus VAT

XHD range available in
200  and now 220cm versions

XHD+ range available in
240 now discontinued and the max range has taken its place
290 now discontinued and the max range has taken its place

XHD + MAX range available in
260 and 290cm versions

We supply a pto shaft free of charge with each flail mower as a gift. Please note we cannot cover pto shafts under warranty due to the nature of the component

The Variflo XHD+ MAX range is building on the success of the variflo XHD+ range but has been beefed up to cope in the most demanding situations.
Every aspect of the mower has been scaled and beefed up, larger diameter rotor, heavier steel body, double rear door rams upgraded side shift ram…..The list goes on.

Order now and have it delivered to your door within a week.

By cutting out all the middle men we can offer our full range of flails at a fraction of the cost of comparable machines on the market, no expense has been spared in the manufacture of these flails and the build quality is phenomenal, this is a flail that’s designed to perform and last.

Please get in touch with any questions or queries regarding the mower on 01357 300559. We will always do our best to help and guide you.
Delivery of this mower needs to be pre-arranged due to the size and weight. We offer a free UK mainland delivery service to most parts of the UK but not all, please call before purchasing to ensure your area is covered.

You can view short videos of the XHD flail in action by following the youtube links below.



Additional information

Weight 1030 kg
Dimensions 280 × 110 × 130 cm


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